joomla migration services

Initial Stage

As you may or may not be aware most Joomla! migration activities are not easy and need to be done carefully. The important first step in the migration process involves creating a duplicate of the entire website ensuring no loss of data or any impact to web traffic. Our prime objective is quite simple:

To make this process 'safe' and 'totally transparent' for both you and your users.

Evaluation Stage

The next step for us is to analyse your website - both in structure and content and we come up with a customised migration solution. This task involves scanning your website to determine an inventory of items to migrate (eg. template, database, content, modules, extensions etc.). Once this is completed we will get back to you with a quote and timeline.


The first activity is a FREE no obligation quote, so in order to get your FREE quote, please contact us via our contact form.

Typically, a migration effort can cost between $500 and $1200 - all depending on the complexity of the website.

Our Migration Service in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1


Once you have requested a quote to evaluate your website, we will contact you to provide us with temporary access to your website administration so that we can perform the analysis phase.

We guarantee to use your website administration login information for the sole purpose of offering this migration service. We will keep all information related to your website confidential and will store it in a secure manner. The login information will be destroyed at the end of our agreement.

Step 2


We will analyse the content and makeup of your website to determine the level of complexity of the migration.

This activity does not cause any disruption to your site nor does it alter any of its files.

Step 3


We will provided you with an itemised quote and an estimate for how long the migration process is anticipated to take.

This activity does not cost you anything.

Step 4


Once we have received your approval and payment (in accordance with our standard Terms and Conditions), we will commence the implementation phase (duplication, migration and internal testing).

Initially this activity will be performed in a local development environment.

Step 5

Test and Evaluation:

We create the new test site for you to check the validity and operation of the migrated website data and function. The test environment will remain as your new "sandpit site".

At this stage your original website is still in operation and remains unaffected.

Step 6


After you have checked and agreed that the new website operates correctly, and you have given us the go ahead, we will determine the downtime period to backup your old website and publish your new website.

This process involves nil access to your website by both you and your clients during the publishing activity. Once fully published, normal access and activity will resume for both you and your users.