Here at bluetinweb we do not provide any Domain Name Registration facilities. However, we do point you in the right direction as to where we recommend you should look at registering your domain name. If you have any concerns or difficulty we can register your domain name on your behalf ensuring you remain the rightful owner and not bluetinweb.

Questions and Answers

Here are some typical questions and answers regarding domains.

Who can register a .au domain?

The .au domain extension represents the Top Level Domain (TLD) for the country code of Australia. It is restricted to use by individuals, organisations, or companies registered and/or residing in Australia. Control of the .au domains are handled by the Australian Domain Name Authority (auDA).

What are the .au domain registration requirements?

According to the auDA's regulations, all or domains can only be registered to Australian sole traders, businesses or companies. During the registration process of a or, you will be asked to supply an Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), State Business Number, Trademark Number or Incorporated Association Number to prove eligibility.

What about domains?

Those intending to register domains must also meet the above registration requirements. Note that these domains also have further restrictions, in that only Australian non-profit/not-for-profit organisations and registered charities are allowed. For Australian associations, clubs, sporting groups, political parties and close equivalents may register domain names, although such associations must be non-profit or not-for-profit.

What other .au domains are available?

The is a new country code TLD extension specifically designed for Australian individual citizens or residents. This type of domain name must be clearly based on the registrants' name (or their nickname). A photo ID is required for registration.

Note that in all cases, the .au domain must have a close and substantial connection to the person or business intending to use it.

Can anyone register a .com, .net or .org domain name?

Yes, typically there are no restrictions on who can register .com, .net and/or .org TLD (Top Level Domain). And any person or organisation can own a .com, .net and/or .org TLD and use them for any legal purpose. Registration periods can also be setup for anywhere between 1 to 10 years.

The .net TLD were originally created and intended for organisations involved in networking technologies, such as Internet Service Providers. The .org TLD was originally created and intended for non-profit or non-commercial organisations.

What happens with a .com, .net or .org domain name when their registration lapses?

Domain names using .com, .net or .org that are no longer in use and are allowed to lapse are considered expired. However, this expiry period does extend for 30 days following the registration (lapse) date during which time there is still the opportunity to renew registration if required. If the domain has subsequently not been renewed within this 30 day period, it is then considered in redemption. The redemption period also extends for 30 days, and during this period the owner may still recover the domain, however it will incur a fee. Immediately following the redemption period, typically 5 to 7 days, the registry will release the domain and it will become available to anyone who wishes to register it.

Some Examples

We have previously dealt with the following three domain name registrars, and they are listed here as examples only. Remember, you always need to compare "apples" with "apples").

Example 1

crazy domains

Crazy Domains

For example, the domain name costs $19.90 and on special for $9.00


Example 2

go daddy

Go Daddy

For example, the domain name costs $19.99 and on special for $11.99


Example 3

net registry

Net Registry

For example, the domain name costs $21.95 and on special for $14.95



To date, we at bluetinweb have recommended Crazy Domains to our clients, as they have been the most affordable. And our advice is always free.

bluetinweb is not affiliated in any way with the above domain name registrars or any other domain name registrar.
Prices are correct as of 10 September 2017.