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Here at bluetinweb we do not provide any Domain Name Registration facilities. However, we do point you in the right direction as to where we recommend you should look at registering your domain name. If you have any concerns or difficulty we can register your domain name on your behalf ensuring you remain the rightful owner and not bluetinweb.

Questions and Answers

Here are some typical questions and answers regarding domains.

Some Examples

We have previously dealt with the following three domain name registrars, and they are listed here as examples only. Remember, you always need to compare "apples" with "apples").

Example 1

crazy domains

Crazy Domains

For example, the domain name costs $19.90 and on special for $9.00



To date, we at bluetinweb have recommended Crazy Domains to our clients, as they have been the most affordable. And our advice is always free.

bluetinweb is not affiliated in any way with the above domain name registrars or any other domain name registrar.
Prices are correct as of 10 September 2017.




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