Where do I start?

That's always a tough question to answer, but the following may be used to determine what type of website you need:

Over 60% of small businesses have a website. Do you?

These days if a business does not have some sort of an online presence it can really work against them. More than 90% of Australians now look for services and products online, and with the number of smart phones ever growing, this persentage is still on the increase. So it’s more important than ever to be online and in the same place as your potential customers.

Often the first interaction your potential clients will have with you is when they look for you online – so it’s important to establish the right impression from the word go. You should aim to look professional, be mobile friendly (responsive) and clear about your objectives when considering a new (or revamped) website.

It may seem obvious, however many people set off building their website without really knowing what their ultimate goal is.

Some questions that come to mind are ....

  • Am I trying to encourage offline contact?
  • Do I want to encourage email sign-ups?
  • Am I trying to get Conversions?
  • Can I get an increase in Sales?
  • Am I trying to solicit more Phone calls?
  • Is it to build my brand expertise/reputation?

Remember, a professional website can play a major role in boosting your profile. It gives customers more confidence in your business, it lets people find you 24 hours a day and it can help sell your products and services even after you’ve gone home for the night.

When choosing a designer/maintainer to help create and maintain your website, it should be easy and cost effective. Now more than ever, website suppliers should be able to give you loads of choice with a variety of packages and different designs to choose from.

Here are some Website must-haves ....

  • Simple design – clarity about your products and services is vital. It shouldn’t be too distracting.
  • It should build trust – how you speak to your viewers should be clear, engaging and true to your brand.
  • It should work well on all screens including laptops, tablets and mobiles.

Questions and Answers

What's my market going to be?
Do I need to update my site regularly?

Yes - a Content Management System website is what you need.


We hope that this helps answer some questions, and stimulates some thoughts as well. Feel free to check out our other links for more information:




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