What's in a name?

44 GAL drum - aka bluetin

Choosing a Name

How did we come up with the name bluetinweb?

We began with throwing lots of domain names around and getting the typical outcome of NOT AVAILABLE. Our moment of inspiration finally came via a short walk around our property. What greeted us was the faded and slightly rusty 44 GAL drum just sitting next to the shed.

bluetin logo

Coming up with a logo design.

We like the colours red and blue, the drum (aka bluetin) had to be simple, and we wanted to include the "web" into our design as well (as corny as that may seem). This is what we came up with; three simple letters b - t - w (all in lower case, as we think it looks nicer that way), a simplistic picture of the 44 GAL drum, and a spider web.

our font choices

Font Choices - The Right Badging!

The choice of font was an interesting selection process too, as there are just too many to chose from! Some fonts were really cool (we looked at atomic clock radio and big square dots), but they didn't fit into our logo style, and in the end we finished up with SnappyService.

So, there you have it - our logo and name design effort in a nutshell. So, what's in a name you may ask.... it's whatever you feel comfortable with.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to contact us and have a chat.




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